EZS350NA - EZS570NA Series

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EZS350NA - EZS570NA Series
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Product Type

Power Walkies


AC/Electric 24 Volt, AC/Electric 48 Volt



10,000 and over


Class III


Distribution, Grocery, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Shipping

Product Features

EZS 350NA Features & Options: Offering versatility and ergonomics, the Jungheinrich EZS 350NA has the ability to hitch several trailers together providing added flexibility in most material handling operations. The truck's high performance is due to the AC drive motor which provides powerful acceleration and high travel speeds with significant energy efficiency, longer operating times and low maintenance. The primary ergonomic features are the low stand-on platform for frequent mounting and dismounting and the short distance from the operator platform to the load. In addition, the JetPilot steering wheel, supportive backrest and automatic speed reduction system, Curve Control, all provide comfort, control and stability.

Steel Hitch Plates
A heavy-duty, removable steel hitch plate accepts a wide variety of hitch types. These can be bolt or weld-mounted within a generous height range, based on specific application requirements. The optional single pin and clevis-type tow hitch is visible from every position and is easily accessible.

High Performance AC Drive Motor
The truck’s high performance is due to a 2.8 kW, 24 Volt AC drive motor. The benefits are powerful acceleration and high travel speeds, with significant energy efficiency, longer operating times and reduced maintenance (through the omission of carbon brushes). This is a result of the effective design between the drive motor, the electronic controller and the regenerative braking function.

Standard Features

  • High energy efficiency due to low-maintenance AC drive motor
  • Effortless operation with electric steering and JetPilot
  • Curve Control for advanced stability when turning
  • Electronic SpeedControl for smooth travel
  • Solid-pneumatic load wheels for increased vibration absorption

    EZS 570NA Features & Options: The Jungheinrich® EZS 570NA is a versatile, economic tow tractor for towing loads up to 15,400 lbs. The ability to connect several trailers together helps to provide flexibility and increased efficiency in most material handling operations. The coupler is visible from the operator seat position and is easily accessible.

    The semi-automatic remote release (optional) allows the connecting and disconnecting of trailers without the operator having to leave the vehicle, helping to save both time and money. The EZS 570NA is available with many different hitches to allow it to fit virtually every trailer type.

    The 48 Volt drive motor using AC technologycan provide additional performance. The advantages are powerful acceleration and high top speed with significant energy savings, extended operating times and reduced
    maintenance through omission of carbon brushes. This is due to the effective set up between both drive motor and the electronic controller, as well as the regenerative braking

    Standard Features:
    • Robust tow tractor with spring-loaded wheels for indoor and outdoor use
    • Comfortable operation
    • Electronic "SpeedControl" provides smooth acceleration
    • High energy efficiency with maintenance-free technology
    • Weather protection cabins (optional)

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    EZS350NA - EZS570NA Series

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