Compact Tractors

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Compact Tractors
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New Holland’s Boomer tractors are the ultimate power tool for the weekend farmer and rancher. Compact tractors offer exceptional power, maneuverability and operating ease have made them the ideal tractor for homeowners, landscapers, golf courses and municipalities. They typically range from 20 hp to 60 hp. Add a mower, loader or farm implement and your work is already half done.

Ultimate View
New Holland’s rich design heritage dates back to the Fordson tractor built by Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. The Boomer’s eye catching design is practical as well. The sloped hood with best-in-class forward visibility is enhanced with the Boomer lighting package that illuminates your work area from both front and side to make you more productive and safe for those early morning and late evening work.

Ease and Comfort
Designed from the wheels up for comfort, the large operating platform provides plenty of legroom to stretch out. The color coded controls are easy to reach, mounted where they come naturally to your hand in a relaxed position and clearly embossed with their function so you can be confident of every move. Climbing on and off your Boomer is easy. The platforms are large and uncluttered. Boomer tractors are designed for operators of all sizes. Access to key service points are designed to make basic repairs and service easy on your budget.

Efficiency and Power
The SuperSteerTM front axle that lets you make hairpin turns and the SensitrakTM system that automatically delivers transaction when you need it make any job easier. The Boomer’s roven three- and four-cylinder diesel engines have a larger cubic-inch displacement compared most tractors in their class. You get plenty of hydraulic flow and three-point hitch lift capacity, too. Durabilty, improved economy, less noise and longer life.

Ultimate Value
New Holland’s Boomer tractors offer you big tractor reliability wrapped in a compact, smartly designed maneuverable package. They are loaded with features that keep you comfortable while saving you time and money. You can personalize your tractor with the tools and attachments you need to get the job done safely and productively. Dollar for dollar, you’ll find that Boomer tractors are the ultimate value.

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Compact Tractors

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Compact Tractors

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