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Great Price On Genie Scissor Lifts!!08/13/14
Great Price On Genie Scissor Lifts!!
Great Price On Genie Scissor Lifts!! Call Chris Corrao at (847) 962-8239 for Special Pricing!!

Equipment Depot presents its “BlueSpot” visual driving path warning device05/04/13
Equipment Depot presents its “BlueSpot” visual driving path warning device
New Safety Item - BlueSpot for silent safety

Whenever there is a possibility that forklifts and pedestrians may meet in storage, incoming goods, dispatch or manufacturing areas, special safety precautions are necessary in order to prevent accidents.

Forklift drivers often find the shrill tones of acoustic warning devices so disruptive that they switch them off and thus prevent them from fulfilling their function. With Linde's 'BlueSpot' device, for which a patent is pending, Equipment Depot now offers a visual driving path warning device, which ensures safety in aisles as well as in unclear cross-over areas. Drivers as well as other warehouse employees highly appreciate this solution..

The BlueSpot consists of two energy-efficient, very bright and long-lasting LED lights attached to the top of the driver's protective roof frame, which each project a large blue spot onto the floor in the direction of travel (forwards or backwards). This acts as a warning to pedestrians who may be approaching. The spot can be lit up constantly or can flash in order to attract attention.

Increase safety in your facility with the Blue Spot! Fit's all forklift makes and models! Call us today to order yours ! Just click here to find the Equipment Depot nearest to you