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We realize that you have options. Our industry has evolved, expectations have changed — and positive experiences are expected. From servicing equipment to answering phones to delivering a forklift on time, our goal is to fully meet your needs at every interaction. We believe in building strong relationships with you — and with each other within our organization. Trust is key, and delivering on our promise to be the Best Service Organization in the industry is our goal.

Equipment Depot CX Commitment


At Equipment Depot, we value trust and relationships. We know you are looking for a partner you can rely on. A partner who provides stability, resources, value, and peace of mind knowing that we will always be there when you need us. We are very serious about making a positive impact on our customer’s businesses and within our organization. To stand by our commitment, we have created a CX Mantra that defines our level of dedication and devotion we strive for each and every day.
Our customers trust us to be the Best Service Organization. This is more than just a statement; it is a promise to them — and to each other. We recognize that our customers determine our success and that trust must be earned, not simply given or expected. Our customers must know that we will fully meet their needs. They must know that we will always be knowledgeable, professional, effective, responsive, and most of all — remarkable. Leaving them with complete peace of mind knowing that they have made the right decision to partner with us. We strive every day to excite our customers. Trusted to Deliver means making a positive and honest impact, resulting in something extraordinary — a foundation built on “trusted relationships.”

best Service Organization


Hear from Equipment Depot’s President & CEO, David O. Turner, on how we continue to strive to be a customer-centric organization. From improving how we interact with you, to strengthening relationships with you and our employees, to gaining your trust; we have made a company-wide effort to be your “trusted partner.”

best Service Organization
best Service Organization


We value your business and your opinion. As an on-going effort to ensure that we provide the best service possible, we ask that you complete two 5-minute CX surveys a year. Your feedback will help us better understand how to serve you and your business better.
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Since 1939, we have been building trust and creating partnerships — hear what customers like you have to say about Equipment Depot. Through our coast-to-coast network of over 50 locations, we are a one-stop source for a variety of industries:

  • Warehousing & Manufacturing
  • Transportation, Ports & Utilities
  • Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture, Forestry & More


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