In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies face a number of challenges, such as keeping up with technology, increasing capacity to meet customer demands, and finding skilled labor. EQSOLUTIONS can help. We take a holistic approach to solving operational and supply chain complexities. Blending in-house expertise with our network of industry partners, we provide integrated warehouse and automation solutions engineered to help customers increase storage space, maximize throughput, improve productivity and lower labor costs.

Design and installation support services with a comprehensive range of equipment, racking, storage and supplies

Technology and equipment options to maximize efficiency in semi-automated and fully automated operations

Smart layouts improve space utilization, automate routine processes and reduce warehousing costs


A global manufacturer and distributor of plastics, rubber and chemicals was running out of space in its facilities to store and prepare plastic resin to be shipped to customers across the U.S. In addition to warehouse storage issues, the company struggled to retain forklift operators, which was hurting their productivity and throughput.
EQ SOLUTIONS consultants provided a full service solution including new warehouse designs that maximized the customer’s storage space and incorporated automation. The new facility layouts featured shuttle racking to increase storage density, as well as AGVs to provide reliable, automated transport of materials. Implementing these solutions helped the company optimize its operations, address labor shortages and significantly increase throughput.


A supply chain management company providing third-party logistics (3PL) services wanted greater efficiency and throughput in its warehouses. The company planned to expand and redesign several facilities, and it did not want the hassle of sourcing and coordinating all the suppliers needed to complete these warehouse transformation projects.
Equipment Depot served as the customer’s consultant and project manager, delivering a comprehensive warehouse solution that included CAD drawings, semi-automated narrow aisle equipment, warehouse racking, conveyors, and numerous other systems & supplies. With Equipment Depot’s consulting support, the 3PL company achieved the high efficiency throughput they desired in their redesigned facilities.


A furniture, appliance and electronics retailer with over 130 locations nationwide was building four new distribution centers and needed to maximize storage capacity. The proposed racking and equipment solution from the company’s long-time material handling provider did not meet the storage requirements. The consumer goods retailer needed to fit more inventory in its DCs.
After an initial throughput analysis and ROI assessment, Equipment Depot consultants designed a highly efficient alternate layout that created many more pallet positions to accommodate the customer’s warehouse storage goals. The integrated solution incorporated warehouse racking and an optimized fleet of equipment, including very narrow aisle equipment, semi-automated turret trucks, order pickers and other forklifts for loading & unloading trucks.


We are proud to be the one-stop shop for a wide spectrum of leading industries, providing best-in-class service and delivering on our Performance. Guaranteed.® promise. No other company offers this level of support and intelligent warehouse planning to ensure your operations are running smoothly. Our EQSOLUTIONS architects create warehouse solutions that include:

  • Comprehensive on-site audits and assessments to streamline processes
  • Full warehouse design and planning customized to your specific needs, from semi-automated to fully automated solutions
  • Best mix of equipment to lower total investment, including automated guided vehicles and innovative lift trucks providing 16 hours of runtime — guaranteed*
  • Warehouse relocation and consolidation
  • Insights into intralogistics trends and latest industry technology
  • Project management delivering on time and on budget
  • Installation support and user training to minimize downtime
  • Comprehensive range of industry-leading warehouse equipment, systems and supplies
  • Efficient power sources providing constant, reliable supply of energy

Warehouse Solutions Experts In Systems Integration


Drawing from our systems integration knowledge and material handling experience, our EQSOLUTIONS team helps design solutions that improve throughput, enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Our strong, partner relationships with third-party suppliers provide priority-level attention for all warehouse projects. For businesses with multiple locations, our EQONE® services simplify fleet management by providing one contact and nationally negotiated rates for all your equipment purchases, parts and service needs. Equipment Depot consultants will also provide free site evaluations to uncover ways to streamline your operations and optimize warehouse storage space.
Automated warehouse tow tractor


Whether you are ready to fully automate your operation or want to grow into a more automated facility over time, our EQSOLUTIONS advisors help you modernize your warehouse to gain efficiencies and boost productivity. Considering automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to supplement human resources in your multi-shift operations? Looking for safe, reliable transport for materials? We get to know you and your current set-up, as well as your long-term goals, to recommend automation solutions that achieve the best ROI for your business, today and in the future.

To help you evaluate and justify an investment in automation, we have created a FREE guide that covers trends, common functions to automate, and five key areas to ensure a successful implementation.

Automated warehouse tow tractor


We are your integrators, leading your warehouse design project from start to finish to make sure all systems work well together. Our approach is to assemble the right people, the latest technology and best equipment to build a customized warehouse solution that helps you optimize space, increase productivity and reduce costs. Our expert EQSOLUTIONS architects focus on six main areas:


Concerned with maximizing throughput, inventory control, and automation? We assess your internal product flow and every aspect of your supply chain to develop process improvements that save you time and money.


Our specialized EQSOLUTIONS team includes warehouse systems engineers, project managers and intralogistics experts who consult with you to provide the best warehouse design for your specific needs. We can also redesign your existing warehouse to help you increase throughput and productivity within your current space.


Leveraging the latest warehouse management technology, such as RFID tags and integrated systems, you can improve inventory accuracy, pallet handling, pallet wrapping, and product tracking. Smarter, streamlined processes will make your supply chain more efficient, reduce labor costs, and increase productivity.


The right mix of equipment is critical to an optimized warehouse. We provide a vast range of industry-leading semi-automated and fully automated equipment, AGVs, conveyors, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and other warehouse supplies to fit any solution.


Our team will assist in integrating any new equipment, software and technology with your current warehouse management systems, as well as recommend alternate solutions if they will provide better operational tracking and control. Fully integrated systems help you gain efficiencies and increase capacity within the same resources, so you can handle growing customer demands.


Staying on schedule and on budget is our priority. Avoid the hassle of evaluating, selecting and managing various suppliers for your warehouse transformation project. The EQSOLUTIONS team will build the project plan and lead the coordination, preparation and implementation of your warehouse solutions project throughout the entire process.
Warehouse conveyor system


From pallet racks to mezzanines, and conveyors to cabinets, we provide complete storage systems and supplies for all your warehouse needs. No need to spend countless hours shopping multiple sources, we have already done the work – saving you time and money. Contact one of our warehouse solutions specialists to help with your next warehouse supplies order.

  • Automated Systems
  • Battery Handling
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Material Handling
  • Mezzanines
  • Mobile Shelving
  • Modular Drawer Cabinets
  • Safety Equipment
  • Warehouse Racking
  • Vertical Lifts
  • Workstations
  • Wire Decking
Warehouse conveyor system