Proper planning and design upfront results in improved implementation and operations. Our in-house team of expert designers and engineers have decades of experience which you can leverage early in your process to ensure success further down the line. Whether we are helping you get more out of an existing space or designing a brand new facility to maximize pallet positions, efficiency and throughput, you can trust our engineering teams to consider the full impact of every design, every change, every nuance. EQSOLUTIONS provides custom industrial design, warehouse planning and implementation services that accelerate your return on investment and enable future growth and scalability for your business.
In-house engineers with material handling expertise analyze every aspect of your operation
CAD drawings and proposals reviewed in-person or via virtual consultation
Innovative, scalable solutions streamline warehouse processes to support your business today and in the future
Equipment Depot impressed us with their professionalism and delivered a creative solution for our storage problem. After installation of the racking and the delivery of the equipment, they followed-up to make sure we were content and satisfied. We can count on them as trustworthy allies.
- Jimenez Family
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It is not often that warehouse design and engineering starts with a blank sheet of paper. Instead, much of your effort is around changing, improving and integrating certain aspects of your current warehouse operation without slowing it down. EQSOLUTIONS understands that. Every step in the process matters, so understanding every step is critical. As a full-service warehouse solutions provider, we have deep knowledge of all phases of warehouse operations. At Equipment Depot, we are proud to be the one-stop-shop for integrated warehouse solutions that help you store more inventory, process and ship more orders, and improve overall productivity. Our EQSOLUTIONS architects create warehouse solutions that include:

  • Comprehensive on-site audits and assessments to streamline processes
  • Full warehouse planning and design customized to your specific needs, from semi-automated to fully automated solutions
  • Assurance that project plans are built to national and state building standards
  • Best mix of equipment to complement warehouse layout and maximize efficiency
  • Efficient power sources providing constant, reliable supply of energy
  • Facility relocation and warehouse consolidation
  • Project management delivering on time and on budget
  • Installation support and user training to minimize downtime
Warehouse layout experts walking through warehouse


We understand all of the complexities that must be considered when designing and planning the construction of a warehouse. Our team of project managers, designers and warehouse engineers understands every facet of warehouse design and material handling. Their additional knowledge in software implementation and automated systems ensures that the warehouse designed for your business seamlessly integrates your entire operation. Your EQSOLUTIONS team works with you throughout every step of the process, reviewing equipment, warehouse layout and design options, timelines and project costs. By collaborating and communicating with you during the design and planning process, our engineering team avoids costly mistakes and keeps projects on track.



Depending on your business needs, EQSOLUTIONS can focus on improving processes in one area of your facility or build sophisticated material handling systems from the ground up. The warehouse plans we design today are scalable to meet the needs of your business tomorrow and in the future, helping you keep incremental costs at a minimum in the years to come. Even if your business grows significantly, the flexible nature of the solutions we provide helps prevent a complete redesign of your warehouse operations.


Every warehouse design created by the EQSOLUTIONS team is centered on streamlining operations to foster a more efficient and productive workforce. We partner with you to develop innovative layouts that maximize your warehouse space while also providing industry-leading warehouse equipment and systems that best suit your operation, saving you time, money and manpower. Leveraging our holistic approach to design and planning ensures you generate rapid return from your warehouse investment.


When our EQSOLUTIONS team leads your warehouse optimization project, they provide solutions that consider your entire supply chain as well as your company’s future growth. By being involved with your engineering project from beginning to end, we develop warehouse designs that are purposeful, efficient, and help you achieve your business goals. Our comprehensive warehouse design and planning services support a wide spectrum of leading industries, providing best-in-class service and delivering on our Performance. Guaranteed.® promise. No other company offers this level of support and end-to-end warehouse planning to ensure your operations are running smoothly.
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The key to obtaining a sophisticated and effective warehouse layout is to partner with a company like Equipment Depot with the expertise to recognize the requirements and nuances for designing and constructing an ideal warehouse. Our warehouse planning and design services can be applied to any project regardless of its size. Whatever your challenge, you can count on EQSOLUTIONS to help you deliver. Contact us to get your free site evaluation today.

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