Companies in industries such as ecommerce, manufacturing, and third-party logistics continually strive to improve efficiency in their warehouses and distribution centers. Growth in online sales and consumer expectations has made the warehouse an essential piece of the logistics puzzle. As demand increases, some companies begin to experience delays in order fulfillment, order inaccuracies and shipping errors due to disorganized systems and a lack of skilled labor. By automating warehouse processes, companies can realize improved productivity and streamlined logistics. Fully or partially automated systems can help break the cycle of warehouse inefficiency and create a more refined material handling process. EQSOLUTIONS combines design expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies to create highly effective warehouse automation solutions. Our EQSOLUTIONS consultants help you drive greater profitability by finding the right mix of automated equipment and integrated systems to increase warehouse efficiency, lower operating costs and improve customer service levels.
Avoid unnecessary costs and overhead by reducing damage to goods and equipment
Optimize human resource spend and streamline important tasks
Increase safety and uptime with controlled processes and less human error


A global manufacturer and distributor of plastics, rubber and chemicals was running out of space in its facilities to store and prepare plastic resin to be shipped to customers across the U.S. In addition to warehouse storage issues, the company struggled to retain forklift operators, which was hurting their productivity and throughput.
EQ SOLUTIONS consultants provided a full service solution including new warehouse designs that maximized the customer’s storage space and incorporated automation. The new facility layouts featured shuttle racking to increase storage density, as well as AGVs to provide reliable, automated transport of materials. Implementing these solutions helped the company optimize its operations, address labor shortages and significantly increase throughput.


A supply chain management company providing third-party logistics (3PL) services wanted greater efficiency and throughput in its warehouses. The company planned to expand and redesign several facilities, and it did not want the hassle of sourcing and coordinating all the suppliers needed to complete these warehouse transformation projects.
Equipment Depot served as the customer’s consultant and project manager, delivering a comprehensive warehouse solution that included CAD drawings, semi-automated narrow aisle equipment, warehouse racking, conveyors, and numerous other systems & supplies. With Equipment Depot’s consulting support, the 3PL company achieved the high efficiency throughput they desired in their redesigned facilities.


A furniture, appliance and electronics retailer with over 130 locations nationwide was building four new distribution centers and needed to maximize storage capacity. The proposed racking and equipment solution from the company’s long-time material handling provider did not meet the storage requirements. The consumer goods retailer needed to fit more inventory in its DCs.
After an initial throughput analysis and ROI assessment, Equipment Depot consultants designed a highly efficient alternate layout that created many more pallet positions to accommodate the customer’s warehouse storage goals. The integrated solution incorporated warehouse racking and an optimized fleet of equipment, including very narrow aisle equipment, semi-automated turret trucks, order pickers and other forklifts for loading & unloading trucks.
Advanced Warehouse Automation Solutions


At Equipment Depot, we are proud to deliver modern warehouse automation solutions backed by our Performance. Guaranteed.® promise. Our EQSOLUTIONS architects collaborate with companies in a wide spectrum of industries identify areas for process improvement and leverage automation to future-proof their supply chains. We work with you to outline key factors to consider when determining the best warehouse automation technology for your operations. Your personalized solution may include automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) conveyors and sortation systems, semi-automated equipment and software that connects it all.
Advanced Warehouse Automation Solutions
Automated pallet shuttle racking


Warehouse operations and supply chain leaders may find it difficult to evaluate what may seem like endless alternatives for automating their facilities. Our dedicated systems integrators and automation experts help alleviate this burden. Your EQSOLUTIONS team of material handling and warehouse professionals has advanced knowledge and experience in automated applications and equipment to design warehouse automation solutions that match your operational layout, business goals and plans for future growth. We focus on developing impactful, integrated systems – from receiving to shipping – all connected to your software platform. This integration optimizes performance, providing tangible results and actionable data that drives future planning and improvements.


By automating some or all of your warehouse systems or processes, you are laying the groundwork for better product flow, faster distribution and advanced data & insights. The ability to move products quickly plays a vital role in the success of your company. Warehouse automation solutions can turn your warehouse from a potential bottleneck into a smooth storage and delivery asset. When you work with EQSOLUTIONS, you quickly begin to realize benefits in savings and efficiency developed from good analysis, creative design and a practical deployment plan.


Mistakes cost money, and human beings are prone to mistakes. Especially with redundant or routine processes, implementing an automated warehouse system reduces human error and increases accuracy. Delivery mistakes cost businesses millions of dollars every year and can damage consumers’ perception of the company or product. Automated systems help reduce the number of human employees necessary to run the warehouse. The savings enables you to lower your overhead expenses and expand other mission-critical departments.


When equipment has to go offline due to an employee error, it slows down the operation. Inventory damaged through human error is lost inventory. Automated equipment is designed to perform a limited number of tasks but do them exceptionally well, therefore automated warehouses often see a drop in damaged equipment and products. Another important asset to consider is your company’s reputation. You can have top-quality products and excellent marketing campaigns, but delays in delivery will still damage your brand. Warehouse automation helps keep your logistics at the same elevated levels your customers have come to expect from your company.


Human beings can get bored with repetitive tasks. In warehouses and distribution centers, such boredom can lead to errors, injuries and inefficiency. Automated machines are programmed to perform the same tasks again and again in the most efficient manner. Since autonomous vehicles can be used across all production shifts in your operation, you can accelerate your return on investment with the boost in productivity. As a result, companies that employ automated warehouse systems see increased efficiency as well as streamlined product flow.


AGVs feature control systems that manage the transportation of orders, control traffic flow, and constantly update order statuses. You can see which tasks each vehicle is scheduled to complete and input orders that require priority transport. AGV control systems also optimize the route of each AGV for the most efficient path through your facility to increase delivery speed and process orders more efficiently.


As a product moves through its lifecycle in the DC, it likely encounters several conveyor transfers and transitions in conveyance types and speeds. This type of journey often requires manual intervention to get to the right destination. With warehouse automation systems designed by EQSOLUTIONS, we aim to avoid manual touches whenever possible. When manual touches are required, our designs include thoughtful, ergonomic operator working heights and storing of task materials within arm’s reach to minimize obstacles to productivity. Any legacy conveyor to be included in the go-forward layout will be closely examined and adjusted to provide a seamless and successful journey from order to cash.


When we design your automated warehouse system, we consider several factors such as space utilization, layout and flow. We also visualize how your space may evolve over the long term, and we incorporate scalability and future growth into your warehouse plan. Our recommendations for automated equipment and systems will complement and enhance your warehouse design to make certain you get the best use from your current and future space or a brand new facility.
Rocla AGV waiting for a pallet


The EQSOLUTIONS team forms close working relationships with your staff as we review facility layout drawings, technology choices, process flows, AGVs, AS/RS specifications, and new equipment. We solicit your input and confirm direction at key design points along the away, ensuring we get to an optimized final system design. This approach and project rigor produces warehouse automation solutions that enable you to deliver products and experiences that keep your clients coming back time after time. Whether you are ready to jump to fully automated processes or just want to start with one area of your operation, we help make it a smooth transition with an accelerated ROI. Are you ready to leverage automated systems and technology to improve your warehouse logistics? Call 888.EQDEPOT to speak with an EQSOLUTIONS team member or request a quote for AGVs, conveyors and other automated equipment.

Rocla AGV waiting for a pallet